Hi, my name is Amy

Below are my programming, art and writing blogs!

I love video games!

And some other things I really enjoy are technology and being creative! And games development is exactly that!

I'm a programmer and I've worked some programming jobs in the Games Industry, as well as being on a Games Technology University course.

In my Games Dev blog I talk about all the different stuff I've done and the different games I've worked on!

Game Dev Portfolio

Art is fun!

I really like to illustrate things from my favorite video games and anime, as well as design new things!

I love looking through concept art for games, and seeing the design process from picking colour schemes to designing outfits! I've been doing art since I was in school, doodling in my sketchbooks and filling them up one after the other, it's really fun to go back through them and see my improvement over time!

Since August of 2020, I've begun doing commission work! Drawing and designing characters for many clients! This has gone so much better than I thought it would! And it's so much fun to do!

Art Portfolio (WIP)

This is like a personal diary!

I really enjoy blogging, so for anything that wouldn't go in my game development blogs or art blogs, they would go here, so this would be things like:

  • Japanese Blogs
  • Fashion Blogs
  • And other stuff I feel like writing about!

See you there!

Personal Blog